64 oz growler with flip-top lid and hand braided hemp handle. 

64 oz Growler: Starry Midnight Blue

    1. Store in cool, dry place. It’s best to clean your growler as soon as you’re finished pouring the last beer, but we know that’s not always the case. So, keep it in the fridge until you have time to clean it. This will limit bacteria’s ability to start developing.
    2. Rinse with hot water. Be sure to use hot water to rinse your growler to prevent a science project from forming. Three time’s a charm! You may use a mild soap but make sure to rinse it thoroughly.
    3. Air dry, upside down. To prevent bacteria growth, allow your growler to air dry completely. Upside down is preferred.
    4. Leave cap off. Putting the cap on after rinsing your growler will leave a moist environment, perfect for bacterial growth.


    Follow these steps & your bartender will Thank You, your KC Growler will Thank You & most of all your belly will Thank You!